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Boston Red Sox - Mueller's glory in '04 was stolen by Roberts' theft - The Boston Globe

With all the turmoil surrounding the Red Sox, it is wise to remember there were some very good times recently. Nothing in the fascinating history of the franchise equates to the phenomenal juxtaposition that took place in 2004, when, after losing Game 3 of the American League Championship Series to the Yankees by a humiliating 19-8 score to go down three games to none, they found themselves sipping champagne 11 nights later. That journey began seven years ago this Monday, as the Red Sox entered the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 4, trailing, 4-3, with the great Mariano Rivera on the mound for New York.

There are plays that get overshadowed by other events on the big stage .. Dwight Evans' game saving catch in 1975 for example .. that should be passed on to new generations. Bill Mueller's game tying base hit is one of them. Nice article.

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